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Stamped Patio Welcome to Klopstein Concrete Co Inc. We are a family owned and operated concrete company specializing in installation of all types of concrete products, including sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, steps, basement floors, garage floors, parking lots, streets, pool decks, and many more similar concrete designs and applications.

With new innovations, techniques, and products, we have kept pace in educating ourselves and staff with the latest in concrete products and technology. New cutting edge decorative concrete products, such as stamping, coloring, flagstoning, acid or acetone base staining of new and old floors, and even custom-built kitchen counter tops, bar tops, table tops, and seating tops are part of our daily installations of service.

We take pride in the product we are giving our customers. From design, layout, excavation, forming, pouring, finishing, and clean up, due diligence and our full 100% effort is demanded and delivered to you, our customer.